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Biospecialties International, a wholly Australian owned company, focuses on the production of the advanced, all natural biological antioxidant precursor, GGC.

L-γ-Glutamylcysteine (GGC) is a critical compound in the body's immune system. It is a vital component of the essential, and fundamentally most important, cellular antioxidant, Glutathione - the body's key defence for detoxifying harmful compounds implicated in cancer, diabetes and ageing, along with other diseases and degenerative conditions.

GGC has previously only been available in very low concentrations through various dietary sources such as milk, whey and garlic, but the newly developed technology patented by Biospecialties allows for much higher concentrations to be achieved.
Although GGC is synthesized in the body and therefore not required in the diet, its concentration drops significantly during our natural ageing process or the onset of disease. In both cases, supplementing GGC has proven effective for general health maintainance and acute or degenerative disease prevention and recovery.

Biospecialties' breakthrough product, high-concentration GGC, will be available in bulk for formulations in nutraceuticals, healthcare products, functional foods and drinks and cosmetics.

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