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... high levels of glutathione is indicative of better health

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Reduced levels of glutathione, the master antioxidant, have been associated with a wide range of human diseases, as seen in Table 1. High grade GGC as developed by Biospecialties may greatly assist in intracellular production of glutathione and thus prevent and treat reduced glutathione levels due to age or disease.  Currently, we are focusing on the development of GGC as an active ingredient for dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Table 1 - Treatment of human disease by using glutathione

Glutathione and disease

GGC and disease


Studies from diverse groups of subjects from mosquitos to humans have demonstrated that the aging process is correlated with a fall in the level of glutathione. High levels of glutathione is indicative of better health regardless of age. People with chronic or acute diseases such as HIV/AIDS or cancer have been shown to have glutathione levels lower than normal and premature aging is a common side effect of severe illness.

Skin ageing

The visible signs of ageing of the skin, such as wrinkles and reduced skin elasticity, could be associated with a fall in glutathione levels. Even more importantly, it appears that applying antioxidants directly to the skin has the potential ability to reduce the effects of photoaging - ageing caused by sun exposure.

Exercise, either for fitness or strength, involves people breathing harder and needing more oxygen due to increased energy demands. This, in turn, generates free radicals and other oxidants. This is one of the reasons why it is important to stagger exercise, so the body has time to clean up the free radicals and repair the muscles. Increasing the amount of antioxidants in the body will potentially reduce the time needed for recovery and possibly help reduce oxidative damage during exercise.

There have been many studies on the treatment and prevention of a wide variety of human disease conditions and the need to replenish glutathione levels.

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