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Depletion of glutathione, the master antioxidant in the body, has been reportedly linked with a myriad of health conditions and disorders ranging from ageing to Parkinson's to AIDS. It is widely considered to be a key factor in maintaining general human health. The ingestion of glutathione is unlikely to be beneficial, as it cannot enter the cells where it is needed (see Obstacles to glutathione supplementation).

Glutathione is a tripeptide (small protein) containing three amino acids - glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Within a cell, glutathione is first synthesised by first joining the glutamic acid and cysteine to form GGC, or gamma glutamyl cysteine. The next step involves the addition of the glycine to form glutathione. The glutathione synthesis reaction occurs rapidly, so that the GGC content within the cell is negligible. The glutathione level in a cell has to only fall by 50% of a healthy concentration before the risk of cell death is imminent. At 50%, the glutathione concentration within the cell is still much higher than the concentration in blood which feeds the cells. This means that any glutathione circulating in the blood will not be able to enter the cells because of a concentration gradient. However, since the GGC concentration is nearly zero inside the cell, any GGC circulating in the blood can readily enter the cell. Once inside the cell, the GGC will then be rapidly converted to glutathione. Hence the supplementation of GGC directly assists the production of glutathione inside cells.

As we age, as the bodies ability to produce its own GGC and glutathione declines. However, by increasing GGC consumption in the diet, it should assist the assembly line for glutathione.

Importantly, GGC is a 100% natural compound and is found in all organisms that utilise oxygen, from humans to bacteria. Dietary sources with relatively high quantities of GGC include milk and garlic, both of which are well-known for their broad range of health benefits.
The only other products  on the market that claim high GGC content are based on processed dairy whey powders. These powders, though containing GGC, have very low concentrations of the order of less than 0.5% of total powder. On the other hand, our GGC product is 90% GGC. This means not only will consumers be given higher effective dosages, it also means greater flexibility in terms of formulating GGC in pills, creams, and other products.

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How GGC works

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