Obstacles to Glutathione Supplementation
... why not simply take glutathione?

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If a low glutathione level creates such problems, why not simply take glutathione orally? Unfortunately, it is not that simple! If you take glutathione orally or intravenously, it will not go into your body's cells where it is needed. Since cells produce glutathione, they already contain a certain amount.  However, outside the cell, in the plasma (the liquid part of your blood), there is substantially less glutathione. This makes the transport of glutathione from the plasma to inside the cell thermodynamically unfavourable due to the concentration gradient.

Let's use a similar gradient - the pressure gradient - as an example (see Fig. 1)... Think of it like this: The cell is a bucket - full of water - placed in an almost empty bathtub...

The water, in this case, can be thought of as glutathione. Now, if you make a hole in the bottom of the bucket,  water obviously will flow out from the bucket into the bath. Taking glutathione orally and expecting it to go into cells is like putting a hole in the bucket and expecting water from the bath to flow up into it. This obviously does not happen... So instead of being taken up into the cells, supplemented glutathione in your bloodstream is broken down into its components by the body and is therefore wasted. 
A more technical explanation of concentration gradients states that 'when a solution with a high concentration of solute (e.g. glutathione in cells) is separated from a solution with a low concentration of solute (e.g. blood) by a membrane, the natural tendency is for molecules of the solvent to move from the high to the low solution until the concentrations are the same. Thus, without assistance, substances in the bloodstream will not flow into cells that already contain a higher concentration of them.  So why then doesn't the glutathione in cells move into the blood like the water in our bucket? Well, the cell membrane can act like a one-way valve only letting glutathione in - and not out.

So, while glutathione is a fantastic protector of your body's health,  taking it orally will not increase the amount in your cells. Biospecialties patented product, however, ensures precisely targeted delivery of glutathione. This is achieved by oral supplementation of high-grade GGC which is absorbed and converted by the cells into glutathione. Topical applications of GGC in creams or lotions may also assist in he synthesis of glutathione in skin cells.

Fig. 1
Pressure Gradient

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